Taking Time to Be


Happy New Year, dear ones.  It's the first official musing of 2019 and we are excited to send a bit of love and soft hello's your way. 

Have you been hit with a rush of NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, RESOLUTIONS, WORD OF THE YEAR, SALE, SALE, SALE? We have! We are having to remind ourselves that even though we live in SoCal, and there are a hundred different signs pointing to how we need to take 2019 by the you-know-what and run with it, it's still winter.  With that in mind, maybe we don't need to have it all figured out just yet.  Maybe we can take some time to feel and breathe and tune our presence "up" after the rush of the holidays.

In honor of winter, we have decided to give ourselves time at the beginning of the year to press pause and allow ourselves to "go dark".  This phrase is borrowed from our time in the theatre, and is reserved for those days when there aren't performances and the stage is literally "dark". There is something really special about seeing a set stage waiting patiently in the dark. If you sit there long enough you can feel the possibility of what's to come when the lights, actors and crew bring it to life.

The seasonal wheel and the creative process are like sisters working through similar cycles. We can't be in spring and summer, or performing every night of the week. We need time for rest, letting go, hibernation and incubation of the things to come.

So, what does that mean for us? We are taking cues from our cat Sophie, pictured above, and taking naps. We are making fires and getting cozy under blankets. We are doodling in bullet journals and having kitchen dance parties. We are cooking and reading and filling our wells. We are connecting with our people and allowing space to be, or simply not "do" anything. We are letting the stage go dark. Here’s to all that the space will bring…