Dance belongs to all of us. 

All bodies, all ages, all levels, all abilities.  Our intention is to provide a space where people come home to their bodies, find inspiration through their own expression, and build community with others who long to dance in an environment rich with acceptance, curiosity, and depth.  

Our youth and adult dance classes blend holistic technique, exploration of dance concepts, and creative expression through choreography as well as simple improvisational frames.  Expressive arts is seamlessly woven into all of our offerings to create an experience that engages the imagination, body, and heart on multiple levels.  Looking for a personalized session that responds to your unique needs, curiosity, and desire to grow as a mover? We got that, too!

All are welcome at Yellowbird.  Whether you are returning to dance after a long break, taking the risk of dancing for the first time in a group setting, or an experienced dancer longing for a new lens to explore through, you are most warmly welcomed.  More importantly, you are met with intention and support so that you can enjoy your dancing body the way that all of us deserve.  Through dance, we discover new ways to move through our lives.


Adult Dance

  • Modern Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Expressive Movement
  • Beach Dance (Summers Only)
  • Site Specific Dance Performance

Youth Dance

  • Creative Youth Dance                       Ages 7-12
  • Beach Dance (with parent)

Personalized Sessions

  • Individual, youth or adult
  • Small Groups 2-5 participants, youth or adult



Seasonal Classes
$5-10 Beach Dance
$15    Drop In (single class)
$96   8-Week Series                                $144  12-Week Series

$50   Individual Session, 60 min
$85   Individual Session, 120 min
$25   Small Group Participant, 60 min      $45   Small Group Participant, 120 min



"I Felt Immediately Welcomed."

“Erika is a wonderful teacher! For a newbie, the dance is easy to follow. I loved the touch of femininity and holistic vibes of her teaching style.”

— L.O.

"My Soul is Nourished."

"To be in Erika’s dance classes has been a blessing. She brings community, art, and reflection to dance. Her exuberance, passion, and beauty as a person, as well as the dance classes she crafts, nourish my soul!"

— J.L.

"I Feel So Much Possibility."

“Dancing with Erika has helped me understand how my body moves holistically and how little shifts can change how the entire dance feels.  I feel strong, and love knowing there's a place I can bring my playful self.”

— S.K.


Our Dance Community

Finding Home in Our Bodies

We delight in the embodiment of our expression; all moods, dynamics and rhythms.