Cultivating the Sacred

At Yellowbird, we believe that cultivating the sacred means intentionally creating pathways to wholeness and holiness in our daily lives. We create sacred, safe places for you to express, create and honor life's passageways, and be witnessed in your lived experience. Grounded in a foundation of the feminine we believe in the power of sacred relationship, presence and the importance of creative expression.  Art is a way of knowing, and ritual and ceremony are opportunities to collaborate with something greater to deepen and define that knowing. 

At Yellowbird, we believe there is a hunger and desire to return to communal ritual, and to celebrate in intentional, personal and meaningful containers. Our mission is to collaborate with you to design personalized, sacred ways of being and creating that nourish the spirit - what we like to call Artisanal Ritual.  We work in partnership with our natural environment and the imaginal realm to connect with wonder, beauty and creativity to honor the cycles of your life. 


Honoring the Cycles

  • Moon Circles
  • Solstice/Equinox Celebrations
  • Home/Office Clearing and Intention Setting
  • Customized Healing Sessions
  • Coming of Age Rites
  • Bridal Blessings
  • Wedding & Commitment Ceremonies
  • Blessing Ways
  • Grief Rituals


$15   Moon Circle
$25  Solstice/Equinox Celebrations         

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"A Soul Adventure."

"I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful, love and intention-filled evening. Your energy is just so palpable. It fuels my soul just being in a room with you.”

— K.R.

"I felt 100% like a goddess."

“One of the most magical days of my life! I felt so much love and support from my community of women, and the way you facilitated gave everyone an opportunity to express themselves creatively and connect with each other. Your guidance and facilitation were deeply meaningful to us both.”

— A.A.

"I let myself receive."

“I felt surprised and delighted that I let myself be gifted, the center of attention. This gathering was part of me living into being my honest and authentic ARTIST self this year. I feel more integrated, like my worlds are coming together”

— S.C.

The Magic of Everyday Living


Celebrate and Honor

We look forward to partnering with you in the cycles of life.