What is Expressive Arts?

Expressive Arts (EXA) uses theatre, dance, visual art, music, poetry and the natural environment (eco-aesthetics) in an accessible and intentional container.  At Yellowbird, we believe that the arts are for everyone, no matter the skill level. No Martha Grahams, Robert Frosts or Frida Kahlo level talents required; all are welcome!  We hold that the act of art making and (re)learning how to play is more than enough.

We like to say, "Art is a way of knowing". We believe we can better understand our lives and curate the stories we tell about them, and build our resilience in and through the arts. Expressive arts is built off our natural drive to create and letting our experience in the arts lead the way.

We know that sometimes a bit of encouragement goes a long way in trying something unknown or returning to something once loved.  Let this be your official permission slip to get messy, make mistakes, try something out, follow your intuition and discover something new.


Work with Yellowbird

We offer a variety of opportunities to explore the expressive arts.

  • Individual Sessions
  • Women's Groups
  • Small Groups
  • Classes & Retreats
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • School/Educational




Individual Sessions
60-90 Minutes
$99 - $139.00

6-8 Weeks                                                $119 - $289.00                                                

Classes & Retreats                                  By listed offering.

Team Building/Leadership                      Let us create a personalized proposal for you.


"Sense of Purpose"

“I am taking away a more holistic awareness of my being. I have been given a reminder that one of the gifts I have to give this world is the experience of joy.”

— S.S.

"Nourishing Myself"

“Knowing this part of myself that has been quiet and hidden for awhile is still alive and accessible is quite comforting.”

— J.L.

Finding an Ally

“When I am about to step in front of a group, I invoke her presence. She quells my stage fright and self judgement so I can be a conduit for whatever needs to arrive.”

— F.H.

Moments from the Studio

Join us for the journey.

We are excited to partner with you in using the arts in service of what is most important to you.