Mystic Woman’s Creative Source


I have been delighting in the Mystic Woman Online Circle over the last few weeks as we explore the seasonal wheel and its connection to our creative cycle. As I move through the cycle, I am noticing that what piques my curiosity most is what resides in the center of the cycle. In my imagination, I see it as the center axle of a wheel. I find myself asking, “what remains constant no matter what part of the cycle you are in?” In Mystic Woman, we call the center of the cycle, Creative Source. Creative Source is your creative lineage and is completely unique to you.

23 and Me for Creativity

Unlike all the hereditary research available now, this map is completely free. Your creative lineage is like the red thread that connects you to all that has been a resource for you in your creativity. Sometimes it is taught, sometimes discovered. It’s rooted in your personal expressions and creative experiences. It can be part of your blood line, a mentor, teacher, friend, group, part of nature - truly the sky is the limit. Once you start to make your list exploring your creative lineage, you may find something that sparks a curiosity or internal YES! when thinking of it. These are the things you want to make note of. You will know it’s part of your creative lineage because it will vibrate with some essence of your creative expression. This is where you come from.

My Map

My creative source is made up of a myriad of influences. From the art museums I visited as a child with my family to the darkroom in which I watched my photographs materialize, I follow the thread. I feel it when I hold my Uncle Frank’s violin rosin or when I find my mark on a dark stage. I feel it when I look at Frida’s paintings or cuddle under a handmade quilt from my mother. I find my creative source in my friend Julie’s voice encouraging me to draw a face by myself or in the shape of a compass. I hear it whisper to me from heirloom tomato seeds my Nana would have loved to my ability to plan and build something like my Grandfather - even IKEA furniture can be creative! I remember my creative source when I write a haiku and co-dream and co-facilitate with Erika. I follow the thread in an ocean wave and the bob of Queen Anne’s Lace on Alpine slopes. The list goes on… These are just a handful of gems in my lineage, and they help me ground in the guiding force of my creative journey.

Coming From Center

When we map our creative source, it can be a guide to bring us home; a north star. It’s an anchor when we get lost in the cycle and a resource to return to when the critic’s voice is too harsh. It’s the wellspring of our creative energy and a reminder that we are born from creativity and essentially co-create with this energy throughout our lives. When we root into the center of the wheel, we can navigate any part the cycle around us with intention and connection.