Our Top 10 Favs this Season

Fall Favs.jpg

In our intention of cultivating the sacred in our daily lives, we like to take time to honor and acknowledge all the little things that light up our hearts, fill our cups, delight us and remind us that life is to be savored.

Wait no more, da da da daaaaaa! Our Top 10 for the Autumn of 2018. Oh, and this list is just for fun and not a result of sponsorship.

  1. Trader Joes Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes - Helloooo, autumn! It’s pumpkin crazy out there. We would be remiss without one pumpkin offering, don’t you think? They are perfect for when you want a subtle and delicious taste of the season for a yummy Saturday treat. If you are feeling fancy, try it with a decadent swath of cashew butter. Oh yeah!

  2. Passionfruit. Period. And thank you to The Rose South Park for blowing our minds with a passionfruit slushy! What do you do with your passionfruit? We love it on yogurt, ice cream, ummmm, slushies and just plain out of the shell.

  3. Daily Harvest’s Chaga Hot Chocolate - When you are off of coffee for the mo’, this deliciousness wipes your memory of any coffee bean and replaces it with a creamy chocolate mushroom. I know, crazy, right?! It’s really good, so don’t knock it till you try it. :)

  4. On repeat: Nahko’s “Wash it Away” - so so good for the soul. We often have living room dance-offs to this song. Try the acoustic version from his Gondola Session.

  5. The ear worm we keep coming back to: “Meant to Be” by Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia. You know, to be or not to be…maybe it’s meant to be?

  6. Crafting Fire Cider for our immunity this Fall and Winter. This folk remedy is super intense and really helps when the cold season hits. Plus, we made it ourselves so we feel extra kitchen witchy. Make your own with the Mountain Rose Herbs recipe.

  7. Roasted Root Vegetables - like ANY of them. We love them SO much. Our families are like, “Oh, you brought roasted veggies…..again!” This fun recipe from Real Simple throws a spin and adds apples! We have made this recipe twice already and it’s only early October. Yummy!

  8. There is a certain blue the sky becomes once it is Autumn - it’s extra vibrant and best caught mid-morning here in SD. No hot-link for this one, just get out there and breathe it in.

  9. Two words: Kitty. Cuddles. Our two kitties start to get super cuddly this time of year and hurray (!) the major Shed Fest of summer is almost over.

  10. We woke up this past weekend after sleeping in for the first time in ages, feeling like teenagers! I’m a firm believer it was extra deep and cozy sleep because we added that blanket! Hello optimal sleeping temps of 60-67 degrees FINALLY happening! Woot Woooot!!

Thank you for joining us! What are you savoring this Autumn?

Be well, beauties!