Savoring Summer


Ahhh, sweet summer!

I have to be totally honest, summer is not my favorite season.  In fact, it can be downright kryptonite for my spirit and body. Erika, however, thrives in the summer and finds it a sweet spot in the seasonal wheel.  Despite my tussle with the heat, I am excited to say that with my commitment to honoring the cycles around me, I have decided to embrace the season for what it is. The results? As an active participant, I have found myself able to delight in more of summer's gifts. #Winning! We set summer intentions as a way to embrace the season. In bidding farewell to the longer days, it's time for a Very Official Violet Report on our #summergoals. 


Did I mention the heat is not my thing? I am a Wilter (yeah, not a word) which I like to pronounce in honor of my Bostonian heritage: "wilt-ah" with the emphasis on the "ah". Try it. It's kinda fun. In my efforts to STAY COOL, I set intention to make my own popsicles this summer. Why? Well, they looked so pretty in the blogs and magazines, I know what's in them and they are a healthier way to enjoy a cool treat. Did I mention, winning? In honor of the deliciousness, I am sharing one of my favorite recipes I combined from various sources like "Real Simple" and one of my favorite foodies, Lindsay from Pinch of Yum. While we liked the "Just Fruit" pops, we ended up making this type of creamy version multiple times. Enjoy! I've included links for fun, not due to sponsorship.

  • Popsicle Mold - I purchased mine from Whole Foods during an end of summer sale last year.
  • Blender
  • 2 containers of the yogurt of your choice.  We loved both a thick greek yogurt like Skyr and a dairy-free option of coconut milk yogurt.  We usually opted for plain yogurt. Okay, okay, *one* time we traded 1 plain for 1 vanilla. 
  • 2 hand fulls of fruit or about 12 oz of the fruit of your choice.  We stuck with what was most ripe at the time: apricots, watermelon, strawberries. Want to feel gourmet? Add in other fruit like a banana or a bit of nut butter.
  • 1-2 tbsp of honey. We were spoiled with a spun honey from Oklahoma. Thanks Mom & Pa!
  • Water, as needed

In a medium size bowl, combine yogurt and honey with fork or whisk. Use a whisk if you want to feel fancy. Add fruit to blender, a couple spoonfuls of the yogurt mixture and 1-2 tbsp water depending on how watery the fruit is. Blend. Using spoon, add a spoonful of yogurt mixture to mold, pour fruit mixture on top, alternating the yogurt blend and fruit blend until mold is full. Pops need about 4 hours to be firm, and about 10 min to defrost enough to slide out of the mold. In a hurry and dancing with anticipation? Run under hot water. YUMMY! Thanks, Summer!


Meanwhile, Erika was grabbing her boogie board and heading to the beach.  Here are her top 3 take-aways from her time with "Morey".

  1. Doing something outside your regular routine generates energy and connection.  I feel more alive in my daily life and community. I met new people I never would have met and we were able to bond over something really simple like boogie boarding.
  2. Working "persistence muscles" in new arenas is worth it.  It took me a few times at the beach to actually catch a wave. I thought I caught a wave several times but the first time I actually caught a wave, I was thinking, "Ooooo, THIS is what boogie boarding feels like!" I came into contact with the process of learning a new skill and the time it takes and the persistence that is required. I'm very familiar with these concepts in a dance environment, but it's actually hard for me to apply to other areas of my life.  Boogie boarding was a great way to explore that because it is so active and in the ocean which is kind of a judgement-free zone.  I was able to experience "trying" and "persistence" in something outside of dance and that was really refreshing.
  3. The ocean can be a partner in our self care. The ocean is universally able to free us of energy, and it was a helpful tool because it's a very clearing experience for me.  The ocean is a very dependable resource for us to start fresh and shake off the "baddies."

VERY OFFICIAL PRO TIP: You will feel like you are stalking people a little bit, but look for cool families that look like they know what they are doing. Boogie board near them and eventually you will make friends, or you can watch them and learn from their techniques.  Boogie Boarding should not happen alone - it's a group activity. Even though I went alone to the beach, I always joined up with a family or group and learned from them and celebrated each ride or failure with them.


Here's to you, Summer!  We raise a glass to your golden light, long days and all the lusciousness that infuses our surroundings and sustains us through Fall and Winter.  See you next year!