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Mystic Woman Tea Date


How do the cycles of creativity live in you? What parts of the cycle feel the easiest?  Are there any points that trip you up?  How does your internal critic factor into your process? 

Mystic Woman asks, how would your life be different if you connected with your intuition and intentionally partnered with this cycle in your life and creative endeavors?

I have been asking myself these questions while working on a new painting. The themes of Mystic Woman have been supportive and illuminating in the painting journey.  I have discovered that within the art making process, there are concentric cycles happening all at once.  As I follow my creative impulse and listen to what the painting is asking for, I am constantly moving through subtle nuances of the entire cycle, even if I am at the beginning of the painting process. This allows me to practice and fine tune how I move through the cycle in bigger ways. 

This is just one tiny aspect part of Mystic Woman. Join me on for a Tea Date to learn more about the offering and have an opportunity to deepen our connection to the creative cycle and our creative source.

Grab a cuppa something delicious, bring a journal and something colorful to write with.

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